Wolfstar World

WOLFSTAR WORLD is the project codename for an attempt to blend Apocalypse World style concepts with the bare bones of the Storyteller system.


What Is This Game About?

This game system is specifically designed to be the core mechanical fuel for a game about ancient Jedi working with a small crew of space explorers on a quest to map, greet, and aid colony worlds and new worlds amidst the region of space called "The Slice" starting in 17,589 BBY, the Great Manifest period of the Star Wars Galaxy.

The core system is built to play Jedi characters of a prominent but not mastery level in using the Force, each walking one of the many Jedi paths available in the greater Order, as well as representing their nature and demeanor outside of their lives as Jedi.

The Breakdown
The Core Mechanic Stats, Skillsets, Specialties, Aspects, Stunting, and Jedi Rules
Rolling the Dice Actions, Impact and Special Rules

Building a Character

Characters are described by Stats, Skillsets, Specialties and Aspects.

Stats are the universal measure that every character has, they represent the physical, mental and social abilities of the character on a spectrum that is relevant to all the aliens in the Star Wars Galaxy, though this is mainly a bell curve and most of the outlying species will have separate rules to reflect exceptionally unique abilities or physiology.

Skillsets are a customized set of archetypal features that describe each character in their own unique way. Skillsets have Aspects and Specialties woven into them, helping a character become even more proficient at their own abilities. Skillsets act as the groups that Specialties and Aspects belong go. Specialties increase the characters consistency with a specific action or knowledge. And Aspects are unique rules written for an abstract or specific kind of ability.

Stats - A measurement of your character

Skillsets - Descriptions of your character

Specialties & Aspects - Special dice and bonus rules

Jedi Stats - Force Stats and Focus

Force Feats & Aspects - Force Feats and Example Aspects

Creating A Jedi - Character Generation

Freebie Points - Optional addition to character creation

Rolling the Dice

The core mechanic for Wolfstar World is based on rolling between one and fifteen d10's to see how well you succeed at something. To do something in the game, describe what you want to see happen, how you're attempting it, and what that looks like. Your character sheet will tell you how many dice you roll, and the GM will tell you what the Difficulty is. The Difficulty is the target number you are trying to roll. Any die that rolls equal to or higher than the Difficulty is called a Hit, for each Hit you roll the action you take turns out looking and resulting better and better.

Some actions will be higher Difficulty, some will be lower Difficulty. Some will be resisted when the GM rolls dice of their own, in which case you'll have to remove Hits equal to the number of Hits the GM rolls in their attempt to thwart you.

Checks, Conflicts and Clarifying Actions

Damage and Impact System - Impact Dice, Damage and Wounds

Unique Rules - Initiative, Hero Points, and XP

Special Rules for Jedi - Saber combat, Dark Side Points, and Dark Side Scars

Special Rules for Characters - Droid Systems, Dogfighting, & Alien Abilities

The Character Sheet & the Cheat Sheet

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