Solerion Realms

Notorious for their Powerful Gamers and distinct style, the Solerion Realms are populated by Anime demi-gods. Throughout a land of lush landscape and fantastical fashion-statements one cannot find even an NPC Farmer that isn't capable of milking a cow in bullet time with his Kung-Fu. It is a world of detailed drawings that lay out amazing colors, often displayed in the shades of hairdo. While many see the Setting as a spin-off of the Gothopolis, simply replacing the parts that are emo with anime, there are others that claim Darkforge as it's true ancestor. Still others see the setting as seperate from the Geeks that Start there.

Solerions are born of a spirit first introduced to the Dorks of the Vorpal Desert. But now, having made their own distinct style a common destination for all breeds of Geek, the Solerions are becoming more and more of a common Starting Point to Nerdlings. Tempted by the easy access to what powerlevel their Style can rise, Geeks are defecting from the Rips setting to the Solerion setting in large drifts.

None the less, many of the Dork Lords that rule the Gamescape's core see the Solerions as nothing more than an amalgam of trendy, pop-culture cartoons. They consider the setting a mish-mash of passed-around influence that amounts to nothing more than an Iconic Realm.

While it's hard to argue with a Nerd that has honed his Geekdom to become that of a Solar-powered Wargod, There is not yet a definitave push to put the Solerion Realms as the Sixth Start.


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