You are the human component to a digital space that has now been overtaken by indestructible malware. The only option left: absolute deletion of the entire system. The Administration has already started the countdown - your time left here is limited.
Nothing can be taken from this place - all has been infected. But you can transmit this information into human data: memory, emotion, and axiom. As a Cybernaut, you have this option: scour the datasphere as it vanishes, and turn digital information into human relics.

How to Play

Step One:
Download the glyph package from this location:
These glyphs mark mission objectives: Requests posted by other Cybernauts.

Step Two: Go On Missions
Scour your feed, and the feeds of your friends. Search them for your Objectives, and hashtag them as you find them.
#Cybernaut_(your personal number here)
#MissionResponse_(your personal number here)

Step Three: Post Missions
There are three types of mission:
Keyword Quest - looking for truth or meaning by searching for a keyword in a Cybernaut’s feed.
Depth Quest - Scrolling deep into a Cybernauts’s feed for significant connections and memorable moments. Measured in WIQs.
Seeker Quests - Answering the questions posted by other Cybernauts, marked by Hashtags.

Step Four: Internalize
No data can be removed in digital form.
Archive digital information only at your own risk.
Instead, create memories and axioms from the information shared with you by other Cybernauts.

Download the Files
Beta: Link

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