Once upon a neighborhood, a long time ago, a group of children played together in an imaginary kingdom of their own design. This paracosm had characters and places, moments and memories; a mix of pop culture that the children loved, and their own unpredictable ways of dreaming.

Those children left, one by one, and grew up, and became new to themselves in different lives far away from their neighborhood. They stayed in touch, some more than others, and tonight those adults that were once the champions of a dreamed kingdom, are coming back to their home town. They will spend one night recalling the world they used to share, learning what it was like for each of them, and reconnecting with the seed of who they are.


Recallers is a game about adults remembering and sketching out a map of their imaginary childhood kingdom. This imaginary place is called a Paracosm, but will often just be referred to as “the kingdom” or “your kingdom.”

To play the game you’ll look over the map that is provided, and select prompts from a deck of cards, each representing distant memories of the characters. These prompts inspire details and discussion about your childhood. As you characters recall the paracosm together, you’ll each add elements to a sketch of the kingdom.

Time to Play probably three hours?

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