Mystwood has been lost. The most recent version was never recovered during my quick and hasty exit from an un-wonderful job situation.
This is totally okay, though. The game has a new vision, new purpose, and is waiting my time and energy for a finalized version to be designed (on tarot sized cards) for a Kickstarted release.

Mystwood is a game for two. One is the Apprentice, our main character, who is tasked with exploring the Mystwood, a legendary and mysterious place of magic and wonder. The other player is the Mystwood itself, in charge of making up the strange and beautiful places and people in that realm.

For 2 players, estimated 2-4 hours (depending on how 'rich' you wanna make it). Or however long you want to play, really.

The Decks

The Orange Deck, the Green Deck, the Black Deck, the Red Deck, the Purple Deck, and the Blue Deck.
Orange, Green and Black are the decks that conjure the Mystwood for the Questmaster player. The Red Deck is a series of misfortunes that might be drawn by the Apprentice player. The Purple Deck is a series of relics that might be found by the Apprentice player. And the Blue Deck is a gallery of interesting characters that might show up along the way, to be drawn by Questmaster or Apprentice alike.


The Questmaster Booklet

A small tome to detail the role of the Questmaster, how they are to conjure the Mystwood, and how the game is run


The Questmaster and Apprentice Guidesheets

A brief summary of what the Questmaster and Apprentice players should do while playing the game, meant as a reference sheet to be used during play.


The Apprentice Cards

Cards for the Apprentice name, Master, School of Magic, collected spells and inventory, and their three Traits.


The Introductory Quest

All games of Mystwood are played as a Quest to enter and return from the magical forest. This one-page default Quest can be used to play a short or long game, depending. In it the Apprentice is tasked with delivering a special gift to another respected denizen of the Mystwood, before finding their way home. To aid them the Master has given them a magical compass that points the way to their next destination. For this Quest the decisions about where to go in the Mystwood are made by the player, while their character is assumed to be reading those decisions from the magical compass.

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