Mt Darkforge

"It's a dangerous business going out your front door."
—J. R. R. Tolkien

__Towering over the horizon from all angles you see it: Mt. Darkforge. The jagged peak of blackened stone and slate clouds that cling to it's heights like tufts of cotton. This is the sorceror's realm, the banished kingdom, the heirarchy of dark emperors. Surrounding the Mountain are the Seven Kingdoms, each ruled by a powerful Dork Lord, who, after swearing an oath of service and virtue, protects the NPCs of his kingdom with courage and maxed skills.

__The Seven Kingdoms are kept sealed away from the rest of the Dorklands and the whole of the Gamescape by the un-crossable Great Mountain Range. Stretching into nothing in either direction the Mountains transform any incoming Geek or NPC to match the mythos of the Realm. Guns become Swords. Motorcycles become Horses, and cars carriages. Clothes are changed, advanced cyborgnetics become tattooed apendages glowing with magic instead of electricity.

__The Forgelings are almost always Middle-Earth fans. While some come from Outworlds such as Stormblade or even Pentasian Dynasties, the heart and soul of the Seven Kingdoms lies deep in Dungeons or in the magical flight of Dragons.


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