Guild Of Thieves

A game set in a magical fantasy port city sort of like New Orleans. The game is about a single thief trying to break into a heavily guarded place, to filch as much treasure along the way to a major score as they can.

the Player

Player's engage the fiction through a set of basic rules that describe how to play the game and how to create a Score for the game. Most of the game is a repetition of mechanics based on a theme, but the entire setting is custom written by the Dealer.

the Dealer

Games are created by imagining one or more 'levels' to the Score. Each level consists of a theme, and maps a handful of evocative locations and characters to the suits and faces of a standard deck of playing cards. Each level is conjured by the Player dealing out their cards to form a map, and looking up what that card means on a set of oracles authored by the Dealer.

The game is communicated entirely by letters available online or sent from one Dealer to a Player.

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