Ghost Town

"There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. Yet that will be the beginning."
—Louis L'Amour


__Ride on, and you'll see it. Through deserts and specters, through coyote moons and darkened canyons. There, out past the Wilder West is a shanty town of shadows and sneers, bullets and booze, men and magic.

__The Weird West is not limited to the romantic era of the unexplored, but is made more kinetic with it's inhabitants that are anywhere between undead and built from circuitry. And the only burg with enough to call culture is Ghost Town. In that dust-covered corner of the Gamescape you might be hexed by a Gambler with magic in his cards. Or you might be trailed by wild naitive bounty hunters using animal spirits to track your every move. Whatever it may be, the Plot Hooks from the Ghost Town are always told in leisure around a small campfire, in a tone that will make your heart race.

__The Main Street that runs through Ghost Town is


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