The Five Starts

Once summoned to the Gamescape a Nerdling finds himself in one of the Five Starts. These Five Realms, tethered together by major roads and entryways, are all modeled after Titans in the Role-playing culture.

While arriving at the Five Starts is not the only point to which a Nerdling can be summoned, it is the most common. Some Geeks are drawn in by a powerful NPC that knows their true name in the Real World, trapping them in some Outworld Setting. Others still are brought by the magic of a friend to the safe haven of a GM Outworld Setting. Still others are on-the-scene Gamers that never bound their time to a traditional game, and found their way into an Outworld Setting that matches the game of their choice.

A Map of the Five Starts


At the center of the Common Map is the Realm called The Vorpal Desert. Unlike any of the other Starts, the desgin of the Vorpal Desert is not set. All that remains constant is the broken landscape hewn in places by great rips in the time/space continum. Throughout this post-apocalyptic setting the Rips give way to monsters and cultures from other dimensions, all converging on the many citadels and hidden kingdoms of the Vorpal Desert. Geeks that find their way to the Gamescape through this Start are typically powergamers capable of dealing out mega amounts of damage in one round.


To the Northeast, beyond the Boneyard Waste that surrounds the Nethers like a moat, you find the great domed city called Technotopia. In that closed-off world you'll find nothing but layers upon layer of city filled with Cyborgs and Punk rock. It's a world built from the genre invented by Gibson and made visual by films like Bladerunner. Geeks that arrive in Technotopia are not often bound to an archetype. The NPCs that roam the city streets break stereotype more often than not, and while they still manage to fill out the cliche's their world is uniform in it's look more than it's function. Geeks that are summoned to the Gamescape through Technotopia call themselves the "Technerds".


To the Southeast the Great Mountain Range stretches in an arch spanning hundreds of thousands of miles. This crescent wall of craggs and myst sections off the Seven Kingdoms built around Mt. Darkforge. Geeks summoned to the Darkforge Realm are called "Forgelings," and suffer a form of prejudice from the other Gamers that live in the Gamescape. More often than not a Nerdling that Starts in the Darkforge Realm hopes to rise above his weak geek lifestyle and rise to the heights of heroic fiction inspired by authors like Tolkien and Leiber. Quite often these militant nerds find themselves becoming MinMaxers or Twinkers. But when called upon for a Quest, it's never a bad idea to find yourself a Forgeling.


To the Southwest is the empty, dusty nowhere of the Wilder West. At the heart of this dead land lies the Ghost Town, a rickety sprawl of wooden buildings and dirt roads. In this Realm the supernatural and the cliche spend their hours dueling in stories and bullets. The NPCs in Ghost Town are mixed from a setting inspired by Sphagetti Westerns and monster movies. Zombie gunslingers and Magical Gamblers are commonplace. Geeks that find their way to Ghost Town tend to be action junkies looking for a good adventure. Those that ride out are called "Shooters" and rarely leave if not for a bounty on their head or a deathwish at their heals.


To the Northwest is a city. A city not unlike any metropolis you would find in the Really Real World. In fact it's just alike…except …different. On the outside it's a bit grittier, a bit more grim and gothic. It's just a bit…darker. On the underside it's populated by a vast network of nocturnal monster. Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts and Goblins, and any other archetype that lends itself to over-acting and melodrama. This is the Gothopolis. The NPCs in Gothopolis are boring characters living in a malaise of manipulation. The PCs are typically shut-ins or Theater Majors. Geeks summoned to the Gothopolis call themselves "The Chosen." Everyone else calls them "Goths."

Of the Geeks

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