DZN stages

being a record of the various states of a game in progress…


Theory Stage Game has no official rules, only a 'feel' or theme, inspiration is raw.
The game is a solid idea, but no system has yet emerged, or the system that does exist is in chunks and incomplete. This does include Hacks that have not yet been written or organized beyond "using X as a base…"
The Value - discussing big ideas, considering where social justice issues/problems can be addressed, researching necessary topics, getting excited


Engineering Stage Untested rules have been written, but only partially.
The game is a solid idea with a chosen/defined/desired system in place (either custom built or hacked from other designs) that is unwritten or incomplete. It will not play in completion, but you can see the architecture. Now is a good time to consider that finalized blueprints, because after that you’re fixing something that’s already been constructed.
The Value - seeking evolution of game systems that are hacked, discussion neat stand-alone system mechanics or ideas, incorporating other people’s ideas


Skyworthy Stage Game has been played enough that the majority of the engine works, and can be played with access to explanations and expectations of small system failures still being inherent to the design.
The game can lift off now, it’s ready to be tested in controlled environments, to see the limits and flaws emergent. The design is now whole, but could break. What happens next is fixing what needs to be adjusted, and considering if the premise and foundation of the design are working correctly…
The Value - playtesting and learning, seeing how different pilots handle your controls


Spaceworthy Stage Game can be picked up and read and played in a vacuum, away from the designer.
The game is self sufficient and can break away from your little home and go where it needs to. It’s commercially viable and available.
The Value - figuring out if the game says what you wanted it to say successfully to a wider audience, sharing something cool with the world

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